Dirty Boris! Help us clean London’s air


Help us clean up the air near schools – sign the petition.

London’s dirty air can take years off your life expectancy, significantly increases the risk of heart disease, and costs the NHS billions every year. Research shows that children living near the busiest roads can have 20% less lung capacity.

Darren’s one minute explanation

You can help clean up our air

Please sign our petition online to call on Boris Johnson to clean up the air along heavily polluted roads that run near to 1,148 schools in Greater London.

You can also download a copy and take it around to parents at your local school, your high street or your friends’ parties. Make sure you get full addresses for every signatory (otherwise it can’t be submitted to the Mayor). Send the signatures to “Dirty Boris, The Green Party, Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4LT”. The deadline to get any signatures to our office is the 17th February 2012.

To field tricky questions, take a copy of this handy briefing with you – it puts all the key facts at your fingertips.

Dirty Boris’ cheats and evasions

Take our quiz to see if you’re as creative as Boris Johnson with the solutions. You won’t believe what he’s been up to with your money.

We could fix this! The really terrible thing is that Boris and the Government could have sorted this out with simple steps like:

  • Making sure all new buses are clean hybrid, hydrogen or electric buses
  • Helping taxi drivers upgrade their vehicles or trade them in for a cleaner alternative
  • Reducing traffic across London by doing more to make it safe and pleasant to walk, cycle and use public transport instead of putting motorists first