About me

I have held public office as an Assembly Member (AM) since 2000, and was a Southwark councillor 2006-2010. In 2003-4 I was Deputy Mayor of London. Before I was elected I worked as a financial controller and, for about ten years, as an archaeologist in the Middle East where I analysed carboinised plant remains.

My vision for London is of a sustainable city with a more equal society. We must cut our carbon emissions, direct and indirect, and be more responsible global citizens. We must protect green spaces, plan for London’s safety from flooding and from food and fuel shortages, and look for creative solutions to the problem of the massive shortage of affordable housing.

“Jenny’s work, especially on Planning and Housing, has helped make London a greener, fairer and safer city. A vote for Jenny for Mayor will send a clear signal to the other parties. If you want to see Jenny continue her excellent work as an Assembly Member I urge you to also vote Green on the Assembly list.”

Caroline Lucas MP


On the Police Authority I have been a constant critic of police bad practice. I have always challenged their poor record on civil liberties and human rights, particularly with regard to stop and search and policing protests. I work closely with Inquest to find justice for families whose relatives have died in police custody.

“Jenny Jones has played a vital role in challenging the Metropolitan Police to account for deaths in custody and their policing of protests. INQUEST values her important role in upholding people’s civil liberties and it has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Deborah Coles, Chair of Inquest


On transport I have championed walking and cycling and made them mainstream issues. I achieved increased funding through Transport for London for many large Londonwide walking and cycling projects.

In 2008 the London Cycling Campaign gave Jenny Jones a Special Award for her Lifetime Services to cycling. This was in recognition of her success in helping to push cycling into mainstream politics, her efforts to deliver many cycling projects on the ground, and her energies as cycling champion in general.”

Ashok Sinha, Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign

Personally, I aim to live an ethical and low impact lifestyle.