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How to elect more Greens

The London elections are on May 3rd. If you Vote Green on the London-wide Assembly ballot paper you will elect more Green Assembly members.
We were just 8,136 votes short of electing a third Green Assembly member in 2008 across the whole of London. This time we don’t want to leave it to chance. Please tell [...]

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Donate today

On May 3rd this year we’ll be fighting to elect more Green Assembly Members in the London Elections. For the past 12 years our Green Assembly Members have made a positive difference to life in London.
More Assembly Members will help us to ensure our policies are adopted – and help make London a more equal, [...]

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Please enter your name, email address and postcode below to sign up for regular news and campaign updates from the Green Party in your area. We send messages about once a fortnight – slightly more often during election periods.
We’ll keep your details safe and won’t pass your information on to anyone else.
You’ll receive a confirmation [...]

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In times to come we may well look back on the last few years and wonder how the Mayor of London could have even tried to hide the scandal of air pollution.
Today I was in Lewisham, highlighting Boris Johnson’s dishonesty in attempting to cover something that is causing the premature death of over 4,000 Londoners [...]

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The Boris mantra during this election has been that it’s all about trust and honesty. He repeats it at every opportunity. Londoners should vote for the person they trust. So, consider the following.
Safety measures were proposed at Bow Roundabout when the new cycling superhighway was installed and they were rejected. Two cyclists subsequently died. Since [...]

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This evening I’m speaking at London Citizens’ accountability assembly. Or rather, I’m not really speaking so much as pledging to work with them, as Greens have done for the past twelve years on the London Assembly.
I’m happy to agree to the whole of their agenda for London, all of which is in our manifesto, with [...]

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I suspect that Boris is considered relatively harmless by most Londoners, but his inaction and backwards steps on air pollution are leading to premature deaths, reduced lung capacity in children and severe respiratory problems for tens of thousands. Whatever Boris may say he is doing about reducing air pollution, the reality is that it hasn’t [...]

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This is an issue that makes me feel that we still have a long way to go before we can call ourselves a civilisation. Recent figures have shone a renewed spotlight on the degree to which domestic violence is a blight on our society. The fact that two women a week are killed in Britain [...]

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I recently pledged to help secure funding for the Met Police Service’s Wildlife Crime Unit if elected Mayor.
It is obviously a popular issue as I have received about 700 emails from people concerned about the loss of the unit during the campaign.
Our animal manifesto contains lots of pledges about how as a city we can better [...]

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